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Why overpay for expensive brand names? Buy thermal labels for Dymo, Zebra, Rollo, Brady, Datamax, Seiko, Sato, and more. Use our direct thermal and thermal transfer labels at a fraction of the price compared to other brand names. Each label is made from high quality materials sourced from reliable suppliers, such as 3M, Mactac, Avery, Green Bay, and Raflatac. As a result, these labels are just as reliable as other expensive brand name labels and at a much cheaper price. Choose from many options such as waterproof face materials and colors, such as yellow, red, blue, green, orange, pink, tan, grey, and lavender. Many adhesive options available, such as permanent, freezer, extra aggressive, removable, and ultra removable. Use our thermal labels for shipping, barcoding, product identification, name tags, inventory, and more. Customize our labels by adding a logo or text, or by requesting a special size or specialty material. Full money back guarantee on all label products. Therefore you can purchase with confidence. Try a free sample roll today! With thousands of customers and millions of labels sold, we are sure that you will enjoy our labels for years to come.

buy labels for less

The second way to get cheap shipping labels is using shipping software like Easyship. Shipping platforms act as the middleman for millions of shipments each month, connecting shippers to shipping companies via our all-in-one shipping dashboard.

Cheaper negotiated rates, of course, come with certain requirements. Typically, you need to ship a minimum of a number of yearly orders to qualify for a discount. For cheap USPS shipping labels, you need to ship 5,000 packages in one year. And if you ship 5,000+ packages per year for consecutive years, you can unlock even greater discounts.

Using the discounts also requires you create an account with that courier, then run your shipping activity through the courier website. If you process lots of orders, it can be mega-clunky to route your shipping ops through a courier. This is because your eCommerce platform doesn't share data with the courier company, making it impossible to seamlessly exchange order and shipment data like tracking information. You save money, yes, but you lose precious time to tedious data-entry.

Discounted shipping labels are instantly available to Easyship users whether you have a free or a paid account. Most merchants find that the savings they accrue over a month of shipments with Easyship more than pays for the $29.99/month subscription. Of course, our discounts are always 100% free to access for merchants who ship less than 100 packages per month.

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