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The Wolves In The Sheep Pen Italian Dubbed Free Download

Standard Ebooks is a volunteer-driven project that produces ebook editions of public domain literature using modern typography, technology, and editorial standards, and distributes them free of cost. You can download this and other ebooks carefully produced for true book lovers at

the Wolves in the Sheep Pen italian dubbed free download

England is a Garden of Eden, in which the birds ofthe air, the fishes of the sea, and the beasts of the fieldparticipate equally with the owners of the soil in thefruits of the earth. The working man alone, who hasmade this garden to blossom like the rose, is excludedfrom its enjoyment. Hiatus,valde deflendus! Andhe is excluded simply because he is not like the horseand the ox, and the sheep, the fish in the pond andthe game in the preserves, the property of the owner ofthe soil. Make him also property, and he would bebetter fed and cared for than the brutes, for he is morevaluable property; and besides, it is more natural forman to love his fellow man, provided that fellow manbe his dependent or his master, than it is to love brutecreatures. God, when he created the world, establisheda community of goods, not only between men, but alsolet in the brute creation to their full share of enjoymentof the fruits of the earth. An attempt has beenmade in Southern and middle Europe, for the lastcentury or two, to establish a new order of things onthe ruins of feudalism, which was a modification of theold order. This attempt has signally failed, as is attestedby almost daily revolutions, the starving conditionof the working classes, and the general prevalenceof socialist doctrines, which doctrines propose the totalsubversion and re-construction of the social fabric.We entirely agree with the socialists, that free competitionis the bane of modern society. We also agreewith them, that it is right and necessary to establish insome modified degree, a community of property. Weagree with them in the end they propose to attain, andonly differ as to the means.


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