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Avatar Subtitles English

Chinese and English are the official languages of Hong Kong, a former British colony that was returned to China in 1997. The city's cinemas normally provide subtitles in both Chinese and English if a movie is produced in a third language.

Avatar subtitles English

Notes: Na'vi terms surrounded by double parentheses mark fragments that are incomprehensible or unclear for syntactic or semantic reasons. English translations were taken from subtitles where available.

To change the default subtitles language in Settings, go to Settings > Video and Audio > Audio > Subtitle Language, then choose the language that you want. If you don't want automatic subtitles and you're using an Apple TV, go to Settings > Video and Audio, then turn off Automatic Subtitles. If you're using a smart TV or streaming device, go to Settings > General, then turn off Automatic Subtitles.

If you don't see subtitles or language options, they might not be available for that show or movie. Check the show or movie descriptions page in the Apple TV app to find out what subtitles or languages are available.

It uses video hashes and the powerful guessit librarythat extracts informations from filenames or filepaths to ensure you have the best subtitles.It also relies on enzyme to detect embedded subtitlesand avoid duplicates.

release date: 2011-08-18* Fix a bug when series is not guessed by guessit* Fix dependencies failure when installing package* Fix encoding issues with logging* Add a script to ease subtitles download* Add possibility to choose mode of created files* Add more checks before adjusting permissions 041b061a72


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