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Nadaam 2021

After over a year of keeping mostly to ourselves, it felt even more special to be able to all come together to celebrate. Nadaam is a holiday traditionally celebrated in Mongolia, but we've definitely brought the festivities back to the states. You might see a huge presence in Chicago (which is basically the motherland for Mongolians here in America), but I would say our group from San Diego County is holding our own!

Even though Nadaam commemorates Mongolia's independence from the Qing Dynasty, it seems as over the years it's celebrated for much more than that. Like many holidays, we use it to celebrate pride in our culture, good food, and lots of fun!

Traditionally, games for Nadaam include basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and archery. We may not have done those specific sports today, but we sure had fun playing some other group party games like multi-legged race, potato (well, rice lol) sack race, dancing, and lots of good clean fun to help us bond.

And what's a party without amazing food? Not much of a party at all if you ask me! We always have a smorgasbord of goodies including some more traditional Mongolian favorites such as khuushuur (fried, meat-filled dumplings)

and one of our sweet favorites, a Russian-inspired Napoleon for dessert. Look at those layers!

I'm ending the day with a happy heart and a full tummy! What are some of YOUR favorite holidays to celebrate?

Here's to having fun with your loved ones and staying safe this summer!

-Gigi <3

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