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Lights, Camera, SHINE!

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

What thoughts and feelings immediately come to mind when you see somebody with a physical disability? If you have a disability, you might be used to people looking at you with pity, but maybe it's time to take control and make a change. People stare, so why not take advantage of it, embrace it, and own your uniqueness. Maybe this is the perfect opportunity to shine! I've always daydreamed about being in the spotlight to positively impact and inspire the underdogs out there, and I think I found a way to do just that!

Recently, I was inspired to break into the world of inclusive modeling. Like many girls, I loved experimenting with fashion and hamming it up for the camera, imagining I was a glamorous model in a magazine. However, because I don't fit the profile of the typical talent you'd see in print or on the runway, I suppose it's easy to understand why I simply chalked it up to childhood fantasy and let that dream fizzle away.

Imagine my excitement when my new job coach, who had experience working in the photography world, suggested that I pursue modeling! I initially took this as a generous compliment, but once we started talking about how to actually make it happen, I realized that, just maybe, this dream really could be within reach for me!

Thanks to many beautiful models with disabilities who have bravely begun paving the way, the motivation from my job coach, and the support of my friends and family, I feel empowered to make this dream a reality!

I am doing this by reaching out to local artists who would like to collaborate with me to create beautiful, inspiring, and thought-provoking images that can spread the word - if a girl from a small community in Mongolia, who also happens to have a disability, can make her dreams come true, then you can, too!

Old, yellow-cast photo of small asian girl in blue dress and pigtail hairstyle looking into the camera

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