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Levi King
Levi King

Plage Inc Corp

American Industrial Partners is an operationally-oriented middle-market private equity firm that makes control investments in industrial businesses serving domestic and global markets. The Firm has deep roots in the industrial economy and has been active in private equity investing across three economic cycles. AIP invests in all forms of corporate divestitures, management buyouts, recapitalizations, and going-private transactions of established businesses with sales greater than $500 million.

plage inc corp

Rutle Corps (also known as "Banana Corp" [1]) is a multi-armed multimedia corporation founded in 1968 by the members of the Rutles to help people to help themselves. The company repeatedly found itself in bankruptcy, as people often stole items from Shabby Road Studios (the Rutle Corps building), such as teabags. 041b061a72


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